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HER Soaking Salts

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Rejuvenating HER soaking salts are the perfect way to relax while you detox and recharge your batteries. This one is specially designed for the ladies, sporting a beautiful blush colour provided by our many gorgeous natural ingredients.

Soaking Salts Jar contains approx 550g providing you with plenty of baths!


1. Add a few lid-fulls of the soaking salts into your warm bath whilst its drawing

2. Relax in your bath for at least 20 minutes

3. To easily remove all of the petals from the bath before draining, use a kitchen strainer. Works a treat!



Epsom salts: source of magnesium, helps with muscle recovery, reduces pain and swelling, helps you chill out almost as much as wine does.

Rose Buds: Relaxing for your body, rejuvinates your skin, looks pretty, makes you feel like a queen.

Pink Himalayan Salt: reduces redness, reduces scaling skin, reduces irritation, the perfect Blush colour ;)

Chamomile: calming for your mind, soothing for your skin, reduces irritation, helps minimise scars and marks.

Dried orange: great for your skin, reduces appearance of blemishes, keeps wrinkles at bay

Lavender essential oil: Super calming, grounding and relaxing. Perfect for nighttime baths. In the rain. With chocolate. And a glass of wine. And a puppy.

As we always like to be on the side of caution, please check with your GP before using this soak if you have weak or poor heart circulation, diabetes, low or high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney or liver disease, adrenal exhaustion, recent illness, nervous system deficiencies and severe fatigue.