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This Beautiful Gift Box features Musings from the Moon Book of Prose and a Calm - Chill Out Roll On.

This gorgeous Gift Box Includes:

+ Musings from the Moon Book of Prose

The book that reminds you to breathe...

Musings from the Moon is a book of prose and illustrations inspiring self-love and healing by Jenna Ramondo.

'Take a deep breath in... and lay down all that hurts you. It is time now, dear one, to put it down. To free yourself from the illusion that you need to be more to become yourself.'


+ Calm - Chill Out Roll On

CALM : A trendy saviour for all anxious types, that is easy and gorgeous to have in your handbag, on your work desk or at school. We are getting rid of the stigma behind anxiety, and making it OK to talk about and be up front with! Love this blend + YES it really does work wonders!

Application : Roll onto wrists, temples, back of neck and soles of feet, whenever you're feeling anxious, morning, evening + during your day

100% Natural, 100% Australian & 100% Handblended.

Essential Oil Blend : Bergamot + Lavender.